The Owl & The Lotus

Majestically sat she, the Lotus, on a cold sheet of water.
To emanate from her, the calmness seemed.
Come rain, come wind, grace she moved with.
The epitome of purity, she was.

His parliament, the Owl stared at the Lotus from.
Well groomed and wise, the Owl was.
Drawn towards the Lotus' beauty he was. 
But hurt her, he feared his talons would.

Share my wealth, seeing the Owl, the Lotus decided.
She did fear, his talons not.
To learn from his wisdom, she wanted.

She knew stronger together, they would be.
And welcomed him, petals wide open.
He too realized, stronger together, they would be.
Fled his perch, the Owl did and towards the Lotus he flew.

The Owl & The Lotus

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