Na'vi induction - The racial dance

What happens when one’s vision of thought is drafted on the physical world? Imagine seeing one’s thoughts coming to life, all those precious little thoughts transduced into tangible entities. You think it, you get it. The invention of the Sixth Sense will really transcend our perception of the world as such. With a swoosh of the hand, the physical world can be painted on the canvas of the digital world. How much will one have to go through to wait for 10 odd years for technology to catch up with one’s visions? How much of a tight lipped person can he be? Project 880 an endeavor of titanic proportions, surely did eclipse the Titanic.
Avatar was one jaw-droppingly beautiful movie. The movie’s rather furtive development left people with Olympian expectations. And when Project 880 finally became Avatar, it did stamp its feet on the wet concrete of world cinema. It has undoubtedly carved its niche in cinematography. Awed by the public response and of course the money he is making (around 230m USD), James Cameron says – “I feel like I have to make a second one now, but that'll only happen if we make some money with the first one. So we'll see... I have a story worked out for the second film, and the third film, but my lips are sealed".
What didn’t the movie have? It was an awesome visually treat for one, portrayed a vibrant and exotic motley of colours, a predictable love story, and to top it all up we had the same old story of man invading/encroaching another’s territory. Extensive use of the Motion Capture technology and stretching the limits of Computer Graphics has begot one of the best movies man has ever produced. This film does have an element of geeky-ness and non-geeky-ness too. Avatar is a whole family film. It is totally rubbish and nonsensical to regard Avatar as a racially biased movie. Some people just pose ridiculous stuff to seek attention. I mean come on! During the whole time watching the movie who would have ever thought of the fact that there is a “white man” controlling a body of a “blue” tailed person, being racial discrimination? Oh look there is a white guy, oh no! he mingling with those blue-tailed people! I know what this is!? It is pure racial discrimination! Hah!
Jake Sully as a character was extremely instrumental in getting human viewership. As far as the film goes, the humans needed a marine to get info to do all their dirty stuff. Jake as a character longs to walk and run again. This he was able to achieve only when he was in his avatar. Plus, when the imminent love seemed to crop up, he saw “the correct path”, and turned against his own kind.
Learning Na’vi has become easier now. Hope there won’t be another 10 year wait for a stupendous sequel.
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