Fall of the night: The confusion begins

The enigma of life can be very obscure. Silence must be heard. The trademark cadence, rhythm of sound can sometimes be tangible. It starts with silence, and the day escapes beyond the horizon silently. There is no telling when it all starts or when will it all come to a halt. It has this unexplainable verve, incomparable beats, so tantalizing.

How does desire taste? Muffled, so that you can barely here it? When does one crave for it the most? Shadows are all that will accompany you. It’s almost real. You can almost feel it. The aura surrounds you. You just need to be aware of it. Close your eyes and you can feel that it’s almost real. How does fame feel? Sometimes you just crave for it more than anything.
Standing on your 25th floor apartment, you look down; everything is comparable to an ant. Vision is fooling you. You see only what is shown to you. Looking beyond it required. There is always something to see wherever you look. You can really choose what to look at.

No one really stands up for glory these days. It’s almost nonexistent. 

I mean who will want to do anything for glory today.

People tell me that we have a rich worldly culture. There is loads of stuff written in the scriptures. Technology and everything around it seems to have been engraved in the Vedic pages. Cure for any ailment is supposedly available. It seems computers have autographed these pages, explained their functioning in detail. Well then why didn’t our forefathers use it at that time?

The story of Atlantis has always fascinated me. They seemed to be advanced in every way. Too bad they couldn’t stay afloat.

I still can’t believe that the gods favored the Greeks more than the Trojans. Had they not interceded the way Homer had described, the Greeks would have met their last. Even the almighty Achilles couldn’t have done anything. The fleeing Trojans are then said to have found modern Italy.

Alexander the great did everything he wanted, just to prove to his father that he was better than him. By sleight of hand or deception, he won over many. Alexander and Hitler wanted to rule over all, that was one among many in common between the two including Fame and Greed.

The Romans were indeed at the culmination of a great civilization. But then when they started to fall, they found England, from where we have seen the likes of Attila the Hun and King Arthur. It’s almost as if there is a connection.

All of these great men went down one way or the other. For some it was Glory, Fame for some, Respect and Desires for many others…

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