The clock's needle is ticking, counting down till it stops and waits for a bang. One by one every city is hit, obliterating its environment, puncturing through people's lives. Has "November 2008” shown us that these incidents are immutable? Can't or won't anything be done about it?
It’s all blatant that many of the "chair hungry politicians" are to blame for being so lax with India. All of them are adept when it comes to beseeching for votes and then they develop an insouciant attitude once they get comfortable on their chair. Good, that those accountable for these incidents are being shown the door, and hope the newly appointed ones do a better job. But isn't it us who elect these guys to what they are now, in the first place? Then what is the point of complaining now? Even after knowing about our "leaders" we vote for them. Are we so gullible?

I believe, what India needs now is a better infrastructural facility, be it in government offices, schools, public places, and so on. Better disaster management methods need to be adopted, our policemen, army men, and every soldier requires a pay hike. These guys are ready to lay down their lives and we are not paying them well, this is not how they should be treated. Better resources in tackling such attacks should be made available. And for god’s sake give them better guns!

Bombing terror organizations alien to our soil is not the solution. Instead, firstly we have to hunt them down in our own country, and eliminate all possible aid to the intruders form our soil. I know its not an easy task, but then when are we going to start?

Israel and the United States have not succumbed to any external attacks for the past five years or more. The United States has sealed off every possible loop hole in their defense system and has bettered their security prowess. And Israel besieged but the hostility of the neighbors has perfected a crisis management infrastructure that acts like a carapace against terror attacks. India too should borrow these ideas and make her safer.

But then again terrorism cannot be completely eliminated. But we sure can make pests starve to death. So we should extensively try to destroy their resources, their recruits and their income.

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