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The Phoenix & The Aquarian

He saw The Phoenix soar the bright sky, The sun, it seemed, could not touch her;
She was a beacon of light to those in need, Guiding them, through dark days;
She was a celestial being of hope, gratitude, and forgiveness,  To be her aid, was what he craved for;
Lending a hand to his one true love, He shall forever quench her thirst, and ease her pain;
The Aquarian's love for The Phoenix shall not die like the Sea's for the Sun.

KONY 2012

These children need help. They need to live lives like every other children.
Joseph Kony is one of the worlds most wanted men. His crimes include, abduction of children, using them as sex slaves, and child soldiers. Around 66,000 children were forced to carry a weapon. He is charged with crimes against humanity and countless war crimes.
Watch documentaries KONY 2012 (Part I and Part II) and please do your bit.