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I am Shakti!

The light pierces the dark and I come into being. I am the symbol of hope. I am the symbol of faith. I purge the evil from the good. Fear me for I shall wreak havoc upon evil. I am Shakti!

Chiron fights Koalemus

Koalemus has always feared Chiron. Here, I show Koalemus as all the elements trying desperately to get a grip on Chiron. Koalemus, the god of stupidity and confusion only deserves a completely inharmonious portrayal.


The book The Immortals of Meluha was an inspiration for this doodle. The book describes Lord Ganesh as a perfect worrior (only in skill) probably comparable to Lord Shiva. As always, in my own way, I portray Lord Ganesh as a warrior (forgive me for he looks like he's on diet).
I would love to hear your reviews about this. Do let me know.