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The Ghost walks today

Let us retrospect and see the way our country was a few decades ago. India had just freed herself from the clutches of the British. There was unity and jollity amongst the people. People had immense respect for one other. There was no room for snobbishness. The air of pomposity had been expunged with the egress of the British. The country had seen its culmination of unity. Never after to such an extent, would unanimity be seen.

India was soon plagued by internal conflicts. And aftermaths of the British policy of ‘Divide and Rule’ policy were again being felt. Pockets of rebels sprouted when opportunity arose and they did what any rebel would do, rob, plunder, and pillage. The ruling government did take measures to curb such negative advances but it did not suffice, as the problem still persists.

I am not talking about terrorism here, instead about the other minor but pervasive, negative forces of the society. What prompted such a section of the society to act in this penal manner? Was i…