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1 ball Rs.10,000 to WIN

“Slumdog Millionaire bags eight Oscars”, “Slumdog Millionaire favorite at the Oscars”, “An Indian night watched by the Americans”. A blitz of headlines is seen on the main page of every newspaper. The rags to riches story has become frenzy now.

Well the big question is “Does the west really like a dirty picture of the east?” It has always been like this. If the world is considered as one organization and the countries as its governing bodies, there is this pecking order which has always been followed. Well, there are no prizes for surmising who is at the top. Countries at the top always enjoy a derided and dirty picture of those below.

Well firstly, hats off to the movie and to all the people who worked for it. But, does it portray a rich Indian society to the world? Or does it show things that have to be improved, made better urgently? The world views India as a potential leader, a leader who can now address many of the important issues, issues which threaten our very existence. I am…