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2008 had it all, global crisis and terrorism to the fore

January 2008 was the month which saw the markets fly high, Sensex crossing the 20,000 points mark, foreign investors began to invest more in our country, but the spring was rather very short. India really did believe that at this rate she could completely emancipate herself from the tag of a “developing nation” and see herself in the midst of the developed super-powers of today’s world. Every private working entity from ICICI to Infosys to DLF saw lucrative business opportunities and began to make the best of it. While the markets still climbed the acclivity, these companies saw profits pour in, contributing to the GDP of India.
Even a person with a myopic eye could see the markets heading towards culmination and after that, is now - the present. Beginning July – August 2008, thanks to the global economic problems, fall of global major financial institutions, the economic environment turned upside down just over night. We are still going downhill and the nadir is not visible. The Bomba…