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Bellerophon's Pegasus


The Ghost walks today

Let us retrospect and see the way our country was a few decades ago. India had just freed herself from the clutches of the British. There was unity and jollity amongst the people. People had immense respect for one other. There was no room for snobbishness. The air of pomposity had been expunged with the egress of the British. The country had seen its culmination of unity. Never after to such an extent, would unanimity be seen.

India was soon plagued by internal conflicts. And aftermaths of the British policy of ‘Divide and Rule’ policy were again being felt. Pockets of rebels sprouted when opportunity arose and they did what any rebel would do, rob, plunder, and pillage. The ruling government did take measures to curb such negative advances but it did not suffice, as the problem still persists.

I am not talking about terrorism here, instead about the other minor but pervasive, negative forces of the society. What prompted such a section of the society to act in this penal manner? Was i…

Fall of the night: The confusion begins

The enigma of life can be very obscure. Silence must be heard. The trademark cadence, rhythm of sound can sometimes be tangible. It starts with silence, and the day escapes beyond the horizon silently. There is no telling when it all starts or when will it all come to a halt. It has this unexplainable verve, incomparable beats, so tantalizing.
How does desire taste? Muffled, so that you can barely here it? When does one crave for it the most? Shadows are all that will accompany you. It’s almost real. You can almost feel it. The aura surrounds you. You just need to be aware of it. Close your eyes and you can feel that it’s almost real. How does fame feel? Sometimes you just crave for it more than anything.
Standing on your 25th floor apartment, you look down; everything is comparable to an ant. Vision is fooling you. You see only what is shown to you. Looking beyond it required. There is always something to see wherever you look. You can really choose what to look at.

No one really stands…

1 ball Rs.10,000 to WIN

“Slumdog Millionaire bags eight Oscars”, “Slumdog Millionaire favorite at the Oscars”, “An Indian night watched by the Americans”. A blitz of headlines is seen on the main page of every newspaper. The rags to riches story has become frenzy now.

Well the big question is “Does the west really like a dirty picture of the east?” It has always been like this. If the world is considered as one organization and the countries as its governing bodies, there is this pecking order which has always been followed. Well, there are no prizes for surmising who is at the top. Countries at the top always enjoy a derided and dirty picture of those below.

Well firstly, hats off to the movie and to all the people who worked for it. But, does it portray a rich Indian society to the world? Or does it show things that have to be improved, made better urgently? The world views India as a potential leader, a leader who can now address many of the important issues, issues which threaten our very existence. I am…

2008 had it all, global crisis and terrorism to the fore

January 2008 was the month which saw the markets fly high, Sensex crossing the 20,000 points mark, foreign investors began to invest more in our country, but the spring was rather very short. India really did believe that at this rate she could completely emancipate herself from the tag of a “developing nation” and see herself in the midst of the developed super-powers of today’s world. Every private working entity from ICICI to Infosys to DLF saw lucrative business opportunities and began to make the best of it. While the markets still climbed the acclivity, these companies saw profits pour in, contributing to the GDP of India.
Even a person with a myopic eye could see the markets heading towards culmination and after that, is now - the present. Beginning July – August 2008, thanks to the global economic problems, fall of global major financial institutions, the economic environment turned upside down just over night. We are still going downhill and the nadir is not visible. The Bomba…